Georgetown Dance Project Nonprofit Corporation

Founded in 2018

Georgetown Dance Project is passionate about dance because we know it enriches beyond measure, the lives of it’s participants. Our Artistic Director Amanda Bishop began training as a dancer over 30 years ago, teaching 25 years ago, and has cherished the many children that have grown into beautiful dancers all along the way. As a mother to 8 children, she has enjoyed a natural gift for loving, teaching, and working with children. That combined with her drive to serve and contribute to her beautiful hometown of Georgetown Texas in a way that speaks to her, brought about Georgetown Dance Project. She found other wonderfully talented and like minded individuals to get involved and support, and together we seek to give back to our community through dance. And we seek to teach our children and dancers to do the same. All Directors and Company dancers are Volunteer positions enabling us to use 100% of our income to cover the needs of our vision statement of “Giving Back to the Community Through Dance”.

We aim to perform for those who would not get the opportunity to see fine arts performances.

We aim to bring dance instruction to those who would not be afforded the opportunity without our help.

We aim to provide an organization that dancers and lovers of dance alike, can serve their community with their talents.

If you wish to get involved, please contact us!

Giving Back To the Community Through Dance

Mission Statement

We understand that dancing improves health, fosters a sharper mind, helps build meaningful relationships, is a wonderful creative outlet, eases emotional challenges, builds character, and is also fun and entertaining for both performer and audience. Because we know the great benefit dance gives its participants, we work to use the art of dance to serve those in need.